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MONOTONIX @ Transition Extreme

Dizzy Storm

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...as we did with Lightning Bolt a few years back (wow was it that long ago?!) the MONOTONIX gig at Transition Extreme will be filmed, streamed live on the internet and archived for future viewing... :)

this will all be possible with the help of the guys at 360tv @ Peacock Visual Arts

360TV : Phone : 01224 639539

and for all you skaters/bmxers...this gig will also be allowing a late skate/bmx session from 8pm in the park...entry 5...whilst the band are playing...(obviously certain areas not accessible) and you guys will be filmed too

more details to follow...

so... 5 for entry to the show for everyone, if you're a gig-goer or a skater/bmxer (dont worry we will have 'safe' standing area on the park!)

...more details to follow

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I look forward to this! and especially the videoing!

I've figured out that the CCS pages can take "embedded" code (videos / music etc)...

so if you ever want a feature on the Creative Cultures site, with video in it, I can help you get that all up and working on CCS!....

...I just hope that their shit doesn't go on fire in the (wooden) park...kainfitimean?


PS, I see mike Chang is doing a splendid job of your flyers!...

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