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Behringer 1400w Full Bass Stack.


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Hi Folks,

I'm selling my bass amp as ive just got myself a phil jones amp and dont have room for both.

For Sale is my bass stack which consists of a behringer bass v-amp pro pre-amp running into a behringer ep1500 1400w power amp powering a behringer 1200w 4x10 and 600w 1x15.

Its a great rig for the money and the power amp really is very good. The other good thing about the pre-amp/power-amp set up is, if you want a different kind of amp you just have to buy the pre-amp and use the same power amp. Although there is a vast amount of amp and cab simulations in the pre-amp supplied, check out some reviews for full details.

This thing really is a moster in power, weight and size so can fill any size venue but not really recommended for anyone with a bad back! lol.

Looking for 350.

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