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drummer available ,I also teach

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Looking for a drummer ? .

I have tons of experience playing everything from 70s rock and funk to punk rock, new wave, reggae, ska, blues, electronica and loads more -but nae JAZZ - it's nae my cup of tea, mind you neither is half the pish I play, but as long as it pays the bills I'll gladly give it my best shot .

I do drum tuition in Aberdeen.

check out the studio here -


I also set up and tune up drumkits and give advice on repairs, maintenance, gigging and all other drum related stuff.

I also do studio and gig work all over the UK as a drummer and drumtech, so only get in touch if you can pay me a decent wage ,I don't have time to fanny around rehearsing for months with amateurs .

I specialise in sitting in for absent drummers.

I normally recieve a CD of a bands set list - often at short notice notice,and listen to it, write drums, meet up and rehearse for 2 hours then gig .

Previous clients and collaborators have included Miss The Occupier, Scunner, aka SKA, 16 again, The Visitors, XS RELOCAT,The Excellent Brothers, Cyberpiper, Colin Clyne and loads more , cheers Biz .

MySpace.com - Biz - 43 - Male - Aberdeen, UK - www.myspace.com/bizthedrummer

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drum tuition on Wednesdays

I will be available for hourly drum tuition in Musical vision on Wednesdays 330pm - 8 30pm.

I am also available for home tuition at mutually agreeable times .

Contact the studio to book a lesson or PM me for home tuition, cheers Biz .

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I will be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to do beginers tuition in Musical vision or at your place if you have a kit - this means I can set up and tune up your kit if it sounds a bt duff .

I am also available for recording sessions and gigs, cheers Biz .

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