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Does anyone else know/like Slow Club? I'm just back from seeing them play with The Duke Spirit and Blah Blah Blah and they totally blew both of them off the stage. I'm amazed the best band I've seen this year were the opening act on a three band bill.

They're a boy/girl duo on the brilliant Moshi Moshi and write the kind of stuff you'd have written with the girl next door when you were ten, if you'd both been child prodigy songwriters with English Literature degrees. I spoke to the guy, Charles briefly after and he was really friendly and seemed genuinely delighted when I told him we'd pretty much just come to see them.

MySpace.com - slow club - 1 - www.myspace.com/slowclub

As for the other bands, Blah Blah Blah were a bit too close to wacky for me but when I found out their major influences were Chas and Dave and Noel Coward, I understood them a bit more. The Duke Spirit were tight as a vice and tore through their set, but I wasn't familiar enough with their stuff to really make anything stand out.

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I like them and saw them at the Green Man festival last year, where they went down very well. I think they played Aberdeen supporting Tiny Dancers last year, but I was away then. I'd recommend a look at their videos, which are very entertaining.

I knew they'd played Aberdeen (Kef I think), but I hadn't heard them then unfortunately. The videos are brilliant, I particularly like the Me and You video in the rollerskating park. I can't wait for their album, I can smell my album of the year already.

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