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[GIG] Antiproduct + Eureka Machines + Shush + Onion Terror @ The Moorings Bar

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tickets onsale from the bar now


Combining elements of punk, arena rock, metal,

and hyperbolic radio friendly pop played with a

nihilistic contempt for everything safe and average,

AntiProduct return to the Moorings to kick start a

power-pop party of preposterous proportions.

The Kerrang! Award-nominated band, hold the

Guinness World Record for Longest Single, often

play with Marky Ramone, and have toured all over

the world. If only the ceiling was high enough for




Chris Catalyst has played in many bands, from rock

overlords The Sisters Of Mercy, to punknrollers

The Dead Pets, to glam metal kings AntiProduct

and new-wave oddballs The God Damn Whores.

Crispian Mills out of Kula Shaker once accused him

of stealing his minidisc player. This is his new band.

A fine stripped-down set - 8/10 - Rock Sound


Fronted by siren singer/guitarist Milena Yum

(Antiproduct), the energetic foursome are making

their mark on the London circuit.

"Milena Yum posseses the kind of gorgeous voice

that should really be let out more often - melody rich,

sweet and harmony-laden perfect guitar pop"

- Bubblegum Slut


Every bio on myspace seems to be an overzealous

exaggeration, written by the bands best friend,

making them out to be the greatest thing since free

tits on television. The fact is no band in the world are

better than tits on the TV, they informed us.

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