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North Tonight.....ace!

Alan Cynic

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If they treated all body parts found as a big jigsaw puzzle, they could add the Broughty Ferry leg in to make it more complete. Then, if they use bits of dead birds, fish etc they could piece together a complete 'thing'. If they were still missing the odd bit they could use other shoreline finds like sanitary towels and plastic bottles.

I reckon it'd look a bit like Bigsby!:laughing:

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'member they found a head on Barrasie Beach in Troon a few years back as well. I was on that beach just not long before they found it. Creepy. Weird place Troon. I was there on a night out visiting friends, I went to the toilets in a night club (the only nightclub), some bloke tried to get off with me, then the next time I went to the toilets I got head butted by some random, then back in the bar I met probably the ugliest, fattest chick I've ever seen, who I then went home with and shagged in her creepy bedroom that was done up like a little kid's bedroom and was fll of teddies and dolls, afterwards she locked me in her house and wouldn't let me leave, I had to make a break for it and I ended up wandering around the streets for two hours cos I had no idea where I was staying. Fun times!

(Edit - actually having looked it up that wasn't a few years ago, it was in 1999)

This could be an Arab Strap track....

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