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FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 Cab w/ full flightcase


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As the title would suggest, I'm selling my fully flightcased Mesa 2x12 Cabinet (Horizontal), which features the always awesome Celestion V30 speakers.

This cabinet is totally amazing, especially considering it's size, and completely beats the arse out of any Marshall 4x12 (or really anything else you put it up against) for both tone and volume; tonnes of thick, focused bottom end, warm middle and crisp highs.

The case is of full- flight spec, could be thrown off a cliff and still be undamaged at the bottom (i'd imagine); also doubles up as a handy stand to sit the cab on when playing live. As you would imagine, it is on extremely robust castors.

The cab has served me brilliantly for countless gigs and rehearsals, always sounded colossal, and been convenient and portable enough to take anywhere really (the cabinet itself sans case will fit in the boot of a fiesta/ corsa type hatchback without need to get seats down etc) and I would rather not be getting rid of it- but I just can't justify having two cabinets when I have holidays and other less enjoyable bills to pay, and only room for one in the house/ car anyway.

675 new, case is worth at least 150/200 on top of that.

Selling for 400. Absolute bargain.

PM me or e-mail rodthunder@btinternet.com if you're interested, or know someone who is.



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