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Question about flying


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i flew to london a few weeks back and never got asked to show a thing. only hand luggage, mind.

Depends on the airline in question too - BA for instance have stated that they will never ask for ID on domestic flights as long as they're not required to, but policy differs by airline. Generally speaking, the more expensive the ticket, the less likely they are to demand ID. Contary to people's opinion, the requirement for ID is more to stop tickets being transferred, than out of any 'security' reason.

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Thats what i'd been told, but i'd also been told that it had been changed now and you needed a passport?

have you guys tried it?

You could always phone the airline, they'd be able to give you a definitive answer. Especially as security requirements differ from airline to airline and airport to airport (not all UK airports are BAA).

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as far as i know ryanair wont let you use a driving license if you use the online check-in, but its fine if you check in in person.

strange i know but i know someone they refused after checking in online then turning up with driving license.

Ryanair.com - FAQS : What photo-Id do I need?

They shouldn't have a problem, it's likely the case that if someone at check-in (particularly at airports like Aberdeen) has a problem, then it's because the ground staff aren't Ryanair and don't know what they're talking about.

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