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This Mondays new releases...

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The new Sun Kil Moon album is out on monday, and i listened to it yesterday, its really good. Not as immediate as previous releases, but still great, probably get much better with more plays.

Cursed "Three" is fucking powerful, immense, brutal, punishing, relentless....enough said really.

New Planes Mistaken For Stars compilation called "we ride to fight" which has loads of rare tracks, the early eps and first album on it. They do Black Flag and Unbroken covers....can't really go wrong there. Great band, shame they called it a day.

Fight Amp "Hungry For Nothing" is great. Recommended if you like Coliseum, Unsane, Cursed, Breather Resist, Kyuss and things that are crusty, dirgey and full of RIFFS!!! etc.

Thats all I bought this week though....


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Guest idol_wild

I listened to the Sun Kil Moon album on myspace t'other night and it's very nice. Nothing new - same old Mark Kozelek. But that's a good thing in my book.

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