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Monotonix are a punk trio from Tel Aviv, featuring guitar (Yonatan), drums (Ran) and vocals (Ami). They formed in November 2005, set up on the floor of the club with the audience, and the party began. But the party usually got too wild, the power got cut, the cops were called and Monotonix were banned from playing again almost everywhere. Before long, they were looking for good places to play outside of Israel and they were delighted to find that there were more rock and roll party places outside of Israel than inside!

after going down a storm in the US, Monotonix are hitting European shores from May 8th this year, touring with Silver Jews ....and we are very chuffed to announce that we've managed to secure them for Aberdeen on a day off from the Silver Jews tour... and will be puting them on in a very different kind of setting :)

With a lead singer who has the presence like that of Eugene Htz and David Yow, a guitarist who plays the rhythm, the lead, and the bass lines all at once, and a stand-up drummer who doesnt stop no matter what piece of his kit is pulled away from him and hoisted above the crowd, Monotonix just might be one of the most exciting live bands playing today. Inflightatnight.com

MySpace.com - Monotonix - Tel Aviv - Garage / Progressive / Concrete - www.myspace.com/monotonix



If you didnt enjoy yourself at this one, kids, youre deeply fucked." - S.F Weekly

"Since the times that Fugazi, Unwound, and Les Savy Fav have left me speechless from their sonic force and physical fearlessness, I have not been as floored by a band as I was watching this bass-less trio unfold." - Seattle Weekly

"The most slept-on power trio in underground rock." - New York Sun

"Total rock performance art energy." - Chunklet.com

"Of all the bands I saw these last four daysRahim, Big Sleep, We Are Lightning, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Les Savy Fav, Ghostface Killah, Rakim, Clockcleaner, CX Kidtronik, the Rub DJs, the Teeth, Black Lips, Fucked Up, Apples, This Moment in Black History, Those Peabodies, Chin Up Chin Up, the Walkmen, Matt and Kim, Bonde do Role, C-Rayz Walz, Attractive and Popular, that one band whose name I forgot, that other band whose name escapes me, those six bands whose name is on the tip of my tongue, Archie Bell, Deerhunter, the Ponys, Danava, the Gossip, Erase Errata - Monotonix put on the best live show" - Philadelphia Weekly (SXSW 2007 Review)


"You can't possibly put on paper how much energy this band has live. Ami Shalev, the band's singer was, at his highest point, hanging from a steel rafter roughly twenty feet above my head... and at his lowest had his head burried into a knocked over fifty galon trash bin, still singing. They're a straight-forward, crunchy, loud, rock band. Don't let that fool you though... this band is incredibly powerful. You cannot possibly fully appreciate them until you see it live. To be honest, it was the best show I've seen in a long time."

"This was performance as performance art and rock as confrontation. No matter where you stood in the sharp divide (I bought a T-shirt if you're wondering), you wouldn't soon forget seeing Monotonix live."

"When the lead singer burst on to stage, we weren't really sure it was the lead singer. It could've been some fan. Or, I don't know, a vagrant. Within 30 seconds he had lept the security fence and into the audience, where he spent most of the performance. I don't think I've spent that much time looking behind me at a show. he turned the crowd entranced. The end of the show brought it all together. They pulled down the drums, the guitar, and everything came into the audience. we all played till the end."

...more details to follow....... :)

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Monotonix have played in America, Europe and Israel with:

Queens of the Stone Age / Silver Jews / Ted Leo & The Pharmacists / Calvin Johnson / Oneida / Bonnie 'Prince' Billy / The Thermals / Health / Kimya Dawson / Federation X / Bill Callahan (Smog) / Old Time Relijun / Japanther / Green Milk from the Planet Orange / Genghis Tron / XBXRX / Yip Yip / Torche / The Rosebuds and more.


"2008?" you ask....

- APRIL 22nd: "Body Language" (recorded in San Francisco by Tim Green) comes out worldwide on Drag City.

- FEBRUARY-APRIL: U.S & Canada Tour (shows with Gutter Twins, RTX, Health, Old Time Relijun, Call Me Lightning, Genghis Tron, Fatal Flying Guilioteens, Dark Meat and more)

- MAY-JUNE: Europe & U.K Tour

- JUNE: RTX/Monotonix split 7" out on Volcom.


(erm we wont be doing this at the skatepark!! ^^^^)


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next show!!

a week and a half away o_O

should have tickets in my hand tomorrow....5....will be on sale from Transition Extreme (see Craig, Duty Manager) Retro Rebels (George St) & at the door on the night

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