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Ulterior , Greater The Shadow , When Death Met Glamour

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From London via Nottingham, Ulterior are purveyors of ear-bleedingly loud techno-beat driven music which incorporates harsh, buzzing synthesizers and squealing guitar feedback.

They recently completed a tour of Europe, as well as playing an NME show with Canadian electro duo Crystal Castles and Mighty Boosh favourites The Horrors. The band's work has drawn favourable comparisons to The Jesus & Mary Chain, XTRMNTR-era Primal Scream, Suicide, various industrial acts.

"like The Jesus & Mary Chain have killed Suicide, stolen their souls and their gear, and jumped twenty years into the future" - The New Thing blog



Aberdeen 5-piece who utilise a wide variety of instruments and effects and steal liberally from sources as diverse as Mogwai, Isis and Boards of Canada, among others. Their music has been described as "post-rock", "atmospheric" and "thrashy". Not all at once, however.



Local, self-styled "Nintendocore" group, mixing the ubiquitous sound of Nintendo Gameboys with distorted guitars and dancable beats. For fans of 8-bit videogame soundtracks, The Prodigy, death, Sky Eats Airplane, Bjork, glamour.


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By the way, greater the shadow boys, my friends thought you were great last time. Really, really great in fact, and for most of them, it wasn't what they'd normally listen to, so that's good, I guess.

I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully my guitar is too, it's been difficult lately.

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Thoroughly enjoyed last night!

Asahara was something else to behold, amazing effort on both the audio and visual front. Terror.

Ulterior completely took me by surprise, I quite liked their material online but in the live setting it comes into its own - they were loud, abrasive and utterly dirty sounding. The thumping beats drove the music home. Top lads too.

Cheers to Hen and the Tunnels crew for putting us on and getting us pished, good times!

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