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[GIG] Triptych: Dirty Projectors + Correcto + Copy Haho @ The Tunnels


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Dirty Projectors

The prodigal brainchild of aural non-conformist David Longstreth a Brooklyn singer, songwriter and general pop dissident Dirty Projectors cast a kaleidoscopic glare far beyond the variegated province of experimental rock.

Their perpetually inventive, evolving aesthetic is buttressed by skewed guitars, skyscraper strings and, not least, Longstreths unparagoned larynx into a livid anthology that variously chimes with Prince, Outkast and Bjork. Little wonder theyve been widely extolled as the last guardians of rock n roll.

Their latest album, Rise Above, has adduced Longstreth as a truly matchless figure in pop. A half-remembered re-imagining of Black Flags coruscating masterwork Damaged, Rise Above revokes the originals hardcore brutality for a delirious acquisition of volatile tempos, unorthodox vocals, fitful wig-outs and lambent guitars. It is, of course, spectacular.


Intoxicating rock popinjays Correcto are a four-part gaggle of Glasgow dandies fronted by arch versifier Danny Saunders whose number also boasts a rock god and a monarch: Franz Ferdinand's avid tub-thumper Paul Thomson and imperial bass-ace Patrick Doyle (ex-Royal We).

Further amplified by Richard Wright on guitars; and variously insinuating the Kinks, Smiths, Buzzcocks, Velvets and Ramones; Correcto fervently revel in the humdrum and the absurd, actuality and fiction: pop and punk.

Signed to indie bellwethers Domino, Correcto's eponymous debut album will inflame ears and hearts alike: from the trash-pop, slap-dash dynamo of "Joni" to the prosaic jubilation of "Do It Better", the foot-loose four-piece are a party band par excellence.

Copy Haho

A youthful Stonehaven psycho-rock troupe whore rumoured to rehearse in a portakabin surrounded by cows, Copy Hahos glorious clamour defies and circumscribes frenetic power pop. Its brilliantly illuminated by angry larynxes, lumbering drums, tawny percussion, swaggering obligato and most glorious of all riff-addled, snakes-in-the-grass guitars.

Tickets & info: www.triptychfestival.com

Tickets also available from 1 Up and on 0870 220 1116

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That was a good night. Missed Copy Haho which was a shame because I always seem too.

Correcto were pretty enjoyable. Classic 80s indie sound. Didn't seem to get that good a reception though.

Was unsure about Dirty Projectors at first. They had such a unique sound with the female harmonies but so powerful and loud. The more the lead guitarist/vocalist drank, the better they seemed to get. Brilliant performance.

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nobody really seemed to give a shit about correcto really did they?

i thought some of their stuff was pretty cool but didnt really feel like they could be arsed

also, arent they a four piece ? the line up in aberdeen was 3 people , two of whom arent in any of the bans press shots or previous line up pics

oh well, wierd

dp were quality, had to leave due to being severly hungover but the drummer was incredible and great to watch alone, then you had the crazy guitar technique and female harmonies were ace too.

really interesting band and pretty unique too.

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