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[GIG] dhc presents: Frightened Rabbit + The Little Kicks + Kartta @ Snafu

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Guest idol_wild
found are booked in glasgow that night so im very sure theyre not playing now

but the others are confirmed

woo hoo

Yeah, I noticed that on ther space!

I hope Frightened Rabbit have ditched that fourth member.

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Here's a video for the latest Make Model single...http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=29753821

You can also preorder their latest single together with tickets for the shows for at combined reduced price by clicking HERE or if you just want a ticket you can buy your advance tickets here... (Click on pick up option to avoid added postal costs!)

And finally...a nice little write up in this weeks NME...


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What time are the Rabbit going to be on? Im gonna try make it up from Glasgow in time to see them.

as previously reported

found are now not playing so...

stepping into the breach...are a wee local band ...and times are as follows




doors will be 8pm for this to allow everyone to get down early

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just had word from make model's agent... unfortunately they are having to cancel this show due to a tour support offer.

date will be re-scheduled so watch this space for the update.

we are away to re-jig the line-up for 10th april...so this should be up by the afternoon. it looks like - frightened rabbit and the little kicks (hopefully!)

sorry for this, it's just one of those things that's outwith our control. anyone that has bought advance tickets will be refunded. or alternatively you can use them to get in for free next thursday or redeem them when the re-scheduled make model date is made available.

sorry again,

claire x

for more info on refund etc email me @ claire@clubsnafu.com

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Guest idol_wild
what the fook! get make model back, just heard them on radio 6, would have well been up for that.

It was them who snubbed Aberdeen for some tour support.

And yes - it's this Thursday, yo.

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What colours do the t-shirts come in?

for guys

red , white and yellow (yellow is cool like) - 10

limited edition - bobbs girlfriend specially designed a print for them its got her own artwork mixed with pixelated / distorted pictures of the band members along with wee sketches of our equipment - drum kit guitar etc oh and she managed to sneak our roland juno 60 synth on there too - although eveyone who isnt a synth geek will see the word juno and just think were into the film

small and medium mens sizes and were getting large soon

girls ones are white , pink and red

weve also got ep 3 for 3 with a bonus track - communication

so its

1.dont give up so easily

2,it all comes out in the end

3.who do you love?

4.one more time


and some big sized retro badges too that psych jim made for us - very cool and retro

now , weve got all the merch sorted, were practicing tonight, one thing is missing.....

oh yeah.....my voice...

be good i i could get that back..havent been able to speak or sing properly in two days ...

im working on it tho

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