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FOR SALE: Sat Nav and Hartke Bass Head


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Selling both, because need new sat nav with full euro maps on it.

Sat Nav is a MioMap 268, all in full working order, in a box and all the bits that go along with it, great condition, served me well in UK (and not bad in europe, but want street level mapping, only covers europes major roads). It has lots of features like MP3 playing and you can look at photos on it, why you would want either is beyond me, but it can do it non the less!

Im looking for 75.

Here is some bumpf on it: Mio 268 Mobile GPS System *UK Ireland & Euro Maps + 512Mb SD* - ONLY 239.99 Brand new Portable Mio 268 MioMap GPS System, miomap 268, miomap 269, gps systems,gps system, in car navigation, portable navigation, portable gps devices, gprs navigation,

Also selling a Hartke 3500 bass head. Retails at about 300-350. Read all its stuff here: Hartke 3500 Bass Amplifier - 349 | Rich Tone Music

Only one bit of slight damage, it is missing the knob on the compressor, but thats it, and the knob still turns easily enough, just doesnt have the plastic cover on it.

Looking for 140 for it, its barely been used very much.

Please PM me if you are interested, need to sell fast to afford new nav!


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