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check this nasty burn i got


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That is big enough to pose a number of potentially serious risks. Around an inch or more can scar badly, have problems with the skin healing properly & even be a cause of clinical shock.

Never mind the risk if secondary infection.

You would be well advised to get yourself up to casualty with that, or at very least get an emergency appt with your GP.

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steam from the kettle caused it

i ran it under cold water when it happened for as long as i could the wrapped a damp cloth round it,

it blistered nicely but burst while i was sleeping, the flap of skin eventually came off also, so i picked up some melolin from the chemist to keep it covered its healing nicely

ill post an update soon to show you how it progresses

if your lucky this thread might turn into a step by step account of me loosing my arm :D

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I've decided to get it checked out at the hospital tomorrow, just gonna wait till tonights injury's and drunks settle down. I'd hate it if it got infected and got a lot worse and increased healing time, heres hoping i wont be long there. I'm gonna post more pics before i go to the hospital see how its developing under the dressing :D

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Guest Neutral
your telling me its infected, others are saying it looks fine and is healing good.

who do i believe?

Prime candidate for septicemia

Hospital ASAP or darwin gets another flatmate

You probably will die without treatment

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