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[GIG] Adventures Close To Home & Tak! Present: Gay Against You + Isoceles + Theatre Fall & Mash @ Mo

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For April we have...

Gay Against You; They take everything that's good in life - bleepy arpeggiated music, smudges of neon, fanzines, screeching,

keytars, satiny football shorts, songs about unicorns, Adaadat records, cartoon violence, bespectacled geek boys,

-mix them together to a lip-smacking cocktail of electronic mental awesomeness!

They are probably the only group to have both Terrorizer and Attitude magazines giving them big-ups.

Plan B, Dazed & Confused, i-D, Vice and The Guardian are all in the GvsY appreciation society too.


Isosceles blend cut-up, catchy, spikey guitar riffs, grove bass, synth samples, pop melody's

with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and it sounds ace. These Ggow boys are creating quite a buzz about themselves.

They have tunes like 'How About It?' which turns an anti-drugs TV adv on its head to become a hit.

And 'Darling Look at Your Hair' discusses in depth the more serious issue of hot girls with shit hair.

Having already supported Franz Ferdinand on tour its not long till you'll be hearing ALOT more from these guys.


Theatre Fall; The young Inverness boys have fortunatly agreed to come in at short notice and play their great four to the floor, indie-electronica tunes for you peeps.

They've supported a whole host of big names such as Calvin Harris, The Fratellis, CORD. And are on the road for bigger things themsleves with the likes of Radio 1, XFM and The Fly giving them their thumbs up to the bands beer spilling, dancing, electrorock sound.


MASH - Producer and DJ extraordinaire. Remixer for the likes of Peaches & Blondie.

Favourite of Freaks and Basement Jaxx. Deck sharer with Justin Robertson & Erol Alkan.

DJed the world over from Brazil to Paris - New York to Germany - Need we say more... POW!


Tickets are available from Earl Of Sandwich, One-Up and Ticketweb.

(Next ACTH is on Sat, April 26th with South Central (Live!) and Metronomy (also live))

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Just the way he performs, the music comes from his laptop and he basically runs around like a tit and gets folk to hold tassels off of his octupus hat thing and I think he fucked about with a chair for a while.

It was meant to be quirky and interesting. But i found it annoying and pretty lame tbh.

Hmmmmm sounds ....iinteresting.

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