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Mad Men


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You can see it on BBCi player BBC iPlayer - Home or BBC4 on Sundays at 10.

It's about a group of hot-shot New York advertising execs in the sixties, in this episode they're trying to figure out new ways of selling Lucky Strikes; think this will be pretty good, and I don't often watch drama..

Anyone? LOL @ the gynaecologist smoking away like he's..not a gynaecologist!

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Not watched it yet, on my must get round to watching list. I read yesterday that the bird with red hair and big boobs has taken umbrage to being described as voluptuous, i.e she reads as fat and is intending to lose weight. Lets hope thats a lot of shite.


Her figure is perfect! :(

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I only ever hear great things and I have recently got my hands on season 1. I haven't started watching it yet.

Started this at the weekend and I'm 5 episodes in. I'm hooked already, it's really great. Even this early on feel a strong connection to the characters, if as I've heard this gets better as it goes on this could challenge the Sopranos as greatest TV drama that isn't the wire.

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Finished it all now. I'd definitely place it firmly as my second favourite show behind The Wire. (Sopranos now down to 3)

It's hard to compare the seasons as I watched them all in a short space of time and went straight from one to the next. The last few episodes of season 3 are really great though

The episodes where Betty discovered the truth about Don's past and when the Kennedy assassination happens are examples of writing and acting of the highest standard. The finale with the take over / break away was really exciting and set the show up to go on a different path in season 4, which ended up working extremely well.

After downloading all the seasons I'm going to buy them now. I'll pick up the 1-3 boxset in one of the deals around just now.

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