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Empire Records

Sam 45

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High Fidelity was alright, but only just that, alright. I know a few people out there who seem to develop this romatic connection with the film (they are usually musos) because they pretend to identify with the lead character (i.e. I secretly wish I ran my old music store / I'm not over any of my ex's etc). This makes them believe the film is a lot better than it actually is, if you ask me.

Sorry if I'm being cynical. :p

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When Elwood and I worked together he made me watch Empire records.

Im sorry dude but its Gash.

Its just the whole "were all better people coz we have each other" crap that really puts me off movies like this.

Only worth watching for Liv Tyler as shown above.

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I remember going to the cinema to see that, i can't believe it's 13 years ago :/

I quite liked it. Liv Tyler is adorable in it as well, cute but sexy with it.

I think i'm the only person that thought High Fidelity was shit.

Empire Records = good, High Fidelity = shit.

Liv Tyler = hot, Renee Zellweger = hot too

It reminds me of my youth.

Love from Christy

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Guest bluesxman

I watched Empire Records last week with my other half, it's an OK time filler but there's a lot of cringe worthy crap in there that I never noticed at the time.

High Fidelity is a much better film.

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It's cheesy as hell but I like the idea of it. I've worked places that have a similar vibe and you get that 'we're cooler than the customer' thing in loads of workplaces, it's kinda like Clerks in that respect.

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. When the Lemon Tree went down the pan I was dying for someone to help me organise a giant gig on the roof. Sadly this is the real world :p

And Rex Manning...brilliant. Oh Rexy, you're so sexy! ;)

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