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Coming Soon...The Black Tooth Rock Lounge


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If Cream were a supergroup and the US/USSR superpowers, then the Black Tooth Rock Lounge is a superclubnight. Combining the rum-fuelled piracy of the Moorings, the sheer decadent filth of Fudge Promotions, Jagermeister's undying commitment to making you act like a drunken twat and (the not-yet-tainted-by-long-hair-or-air-guitar) virginal Snafu, the Black Tooth hopes to establish itself as a night dedicated to everything that makes rock n' roll the scurge of good family values.

As well as dance-floor gems from the Fudge DJ's, expect touring bands, local barnyard rockstars, groupies, dark cabaret, burlesque and orphaned circus midgets.

Every Monday night from the 24th March, entry is only 3/2 (concessions include rock sluts, one-armed drummers, mullets and pirates) and you can get watered for as little as 1 a vodka, 1.70 a pint and 1.50 a Jagermeister.

Forthcoming acts...The Death Set // Kashmir Red // Bloodnut...

Want to play the Black Tooth? Check out the Myspace for details. For an invite to the launch, email gomes@clubsnafu.com.

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24 March - SNAFU - 9pm

KASHMIR RED (Aberdeen) - MySpace.com - Kashmir Red - UK - Rock / Lyrical - www.myspace.com/kashmirred

ALAMOS (Dundee) - MySpace.com - Alamos - Rock / Punk - www.myspace.com/alamos

Alamos is a band from Dundee, Scotland. Their music could be described as post-punk, scream-pop or even indie rock in the original sense of the word. Being a trio, they deliver short, sharp blasts of vitriolic chaos - albeit chaos of the fun variety that’s laced with intelligent hooks.

In 2005 Alamos were invited to tour with Hell is For Heroes and have also shared audiences with likes of Franz Ferdinand, Weird War, The Subways, Aereogramme, Sons and Daughters, Biffy Clyro and iForward Russia!

“Alamos are a shrink-wrapped volatile bomb for anyone that misses McLusky” -‘KKKK’ Kerrang, Live Review

“Scotland's Alamos make not a single emo apology for parading tense basslines in front of taught guitar riffs reminiscent of early Fugazi” - RockSound

“Guaranteed to tear a hole in your chest” - NME

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