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Slot at Captain Toms Tuesday 4th March Available!

Soda Jerk

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Very sorry if this is in the wrong forum....

One of us can't make it and they will charge us with late cancellation. If anyone wants it, then it's yours. I can't get online very often so if this generates interest, I'll let you lot fight over it and decide who's getting it. Hopefully someone will want it!

The slot is from 8-10 tomorrow night under the name "Officer".


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yea, if you want it just phone captain toms on 647500 and tell them you'll take the slot over as they are trying to fill it for us.

it's a shame cause sometimes genuine things happen which prevent practices happening and even though we've given over 24 hours notice we might yet get charged but i understand it's a scunner for them too. buggeration though.

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