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Industrial hardcore band forming! Beginners and advanced!


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Hello all!

I am forming a band that would slip into genre of industrial hardcore (but this is likely to be changed to own brand). I am a beginner concerning the band creation but I hope to make a decent experimentation group. So if you're still learning, exercising and you like hardcore contact me at tymoteusz.masiakowski@yahoo.com e-mail address. If you find interest in it being a more advanced person in music then you are welcomed even more!

You can call me LiAiL. I am 20 years old. I have some skills in audio editing. I do mostly vocal. I have access to university recording studio if necessary.

Also it would be really good if you would like such stuff like urban exploration, industrial themes (all sorts beginning from music, through photography, up to steam-punk genre). I am totally into them. It would be perfect if you even knew something about called Kult: Death is only the beginning or Reality is a lie.

Influences: Heaven Shall Burn, Drown My Day, Burial of Abel, Suicide Silence + miscellaneous like Atrium Carceri and lots of other bands.

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