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[GIG] Caribou (Manitoba) + Born Ruffians (Warp/XL) @ The Tunnels


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IMP are delighted to announce a rescheduled CARIBOU date & now a stunning DOUBLE bill of artists both playing the ATP v Pitchfork Festival B4 playing Aberdeen


CARIBOU (formerly Manitoba)


Thursday 22nd May 08

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. Phone 01224 211121

Doors 8pm

Advance 9.50+bf in person from 1UP Records, Belmont Street, Aberdeen

OR online http://www.ticketweb.co.uk

Cash on the Door 11



CARIBOU (City Slang/Merge)

Having toured around the world playing his new long play Andorra, we are simply thrilled

that Dan Snaith's Caribou is going to bring his FOUR piece Poptastic-Neu/Kraut-electro-'60's vocal influenced-visual roadshow back to Aberdeen on the last leg of the Andorra tour. Caribou's events always bring forth glowing sunshine and smiles; Come and see him in one of his favourite indoor venues, where his new VISUALS & his finely honed live sound will be guaranteed to "blow you away". An artist currently on absolutely TOP form in the live setting


A selection of Andorra reviews, many more available online

Pitchfork Review Rating: 8.3

Go here - http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/articl.../44975-andorra

NME Review 8/10

Go here - http://www.nme.com/reviews/caribou/8870

Observer Newspaper 4/5

Go here - http://observer.guardian.co.uk/omm/1...144374,00.html

Tinymixtapes 4.5/5

Go here - http://www.tinymixtapes.com/Caribou,3746

...and all the way from Australia, a review of one of his festival

appearances in mid January.

Go here - http://www.cyclicdefrost.com/blog/?p=1712

"All up it was the most engaging Caribou live show yet, and one that would

have sounded even better in a slightly different setting".

Caribou coming to one of his favourite UK venues will certainly provide that......look out for a special performance and a very special night, because we also have...


Fellow Ontarian's Born Ruffians are a three piece band who were signed to both the above labels in Europe & America on the basis of a four track demo. Built up their live shows with hyperactive stage antics, & small tours with Hidden Cameras & Hot Chip, but really honed their live craft when touring North America with Caribou for 6weeks last Oct/Nov. Here's the return leg in the UK, so Dan Snaith must like these kids a whole lot as well. Also chosen to play ATP v Pitchfork so something must be special about them.

Their long play isn't out till May but it already been reviewed in advance by

Pitchfork Review 8 out of 10

on 27th Feb 08



Think this could be one very special night, so please note unless you are willing to jump about & & smile a lot this event isn't for you.


Lastly, a very special offer:-

Buy a Caribou ticket in advance (including the still valid February ones), come the following night to our FANTASTIC Stars of The Lid* event with your Caribou ticket which will be endorsed, KEEP your Caribou ticket to present @ any one of our autumn events where the entry is 5 & you will get-in FREE.

*Stars of the Lid can be ticket in advance OR cash on the door BUT you must

take your Caribou ticket to be endorsed.

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well done mr chilli, always confident you'd get it confimed after the disappointment of the call off. whats event better we kept our original tickets. Dare say we'll come in for Stars of The Lid as well. Saw them in Leeds late last year, just astonishingly beautiful in a live setting. Everyone loved Glissando as well, very very good line-up.

:up: :up:

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Nice one. Was listening on their myspace and they sound awesome. :D

Are there still tickets for this/Stars of the Lid? I'm planning on buying some at the weekend.

...and what's the deal with the Stars of the Lid/Caribou tickets thingy? I don't understand... :(

Yes there are still tickets available

Buy a Caribou ticket. Go to the gig. Keep the ticket. Take it the next night to SotL, where it will get endorsed. Keep the endorsed ticket and present it at one of our August 5 gigs and you will get in free. :popcorn:

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when does Autumn finish then, G-imp?

September? October?

Wkipedia defines Autumn as: "... some Western countries consider autumn to begin with the autumnal equinox (around September 23 in the northern hemisphere), and end with the winter solstice (around December 21)

Thats good enough for us.

Where as August on the other hand is Summer!

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My first exam's on the 15th, then I don't have one 'til the 26th. Though, if I fail them all, I'm holding IMP entirely responsible. :(

i'm told 1st year exams are not too tricky & its likely Caribou & SOtL won't be around these parts again till you are nearer your finals or beyond........

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i'm told 1st year exams are not too tricky & its likely Caribou & SOtL won't be around these parts again till you are nearer your finals or beyond........

this'll be the third time we've been treated to a bit of Caribou in as many years, no?

therefore i expect, nae demand this trend to continue, mike..

..perhaps we can declare a special "caribou day" every year and make it a public holiday?

am i being too greedy?

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this'll be the third time we've been treated to a bit of Caribou in as many years, no?

therefore i expect, nae demand this trend to continue, mike..

..perhaps we can declare a special "caribou day" every year and make it a public holiday?

am i being too greedy?

there were two Caribou shows put on by imp in 2005, none since then.

Might be another three years...

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Here is a write-up of Caribou & FB on their near sell out US/Canadian tour.

Those crazy Caribou

Paul Parkman*-*Staff reporter **

Caribou and co. rolled into the Starlight last Wednesday for a sold-out show supported by the new up-and-coming duo straight out of the U.K. known as Fuck Buttons. Fuck Buttons have been generating a lot of buzz since they released their first seven-inch single last fall, and with their new record, Street Horrrsing (ATP Recordings), released just two weeks ago, they have started their tour in support of Caribou. Comprised only of two people, the duo creates noise music, which literally shook the floor and temporarily impaired almost everyones eardrums within the sold-out crowd. Though I am not very familiar with noise music, Fuck Buttons served as a great opener and complimented the night perfectly.

Once Caribou took the stage, they filled the Starlight with their brand of electronica-post rock with opener Sundialing from their latest full release, Andorra (Merge Records), put out late last summer. The entire set was comprised of all the tracks from Andorra, plus standout tracks from previous albums, and showcased Caribous multi-instrumentalism, switching between guitar, keyboards, drums and even a bit of the recorder. Although Caribous Daniel Snaith (main man and sole original member and founder) had a mic setup for the show, he used his vocals more as another instrument rather than a verbal communicator, often manipulating his voice with an array of effects and modulations. Some of the most impressive moments of the night came whenever Snaith put down the guitar and contributed drums, playing along with the already stunning drum work of Caribous main drummer Peter Mitton. This spectacle was something to be seen as both drummers traded-off on fills and transitioning rhythms, almost overloading their sound with cymbal crashes and pounding snares. The energy level for the entire show was at a perma-high, with Caribou only slipping into a mellow track in between two energy-packed songs, almost as if they themselves needed a small rest, too. Highlights from the show were their first single from Andorra titled Melody Day, and an old favourite (back from when Snaith was known by the name Manitoba, before a legal affair forced him to change his name) called Skunks. The crowd throughout the show was very responsive and the more energy the songs packed, the more the audience danced and moved around. I was not a huge fan before the show, having known very little about Caribou and only having heard just over a handful of songs. However, I would urge anyone who has not heard of Caribou to take a listen the records dont quite substitute for the high energy and power behind the songs in a live setting, but they come pretty darn close. There is a very good reason every time Caribou comes in to town that the shows always sell out.


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