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Short Notice + Thousand Suns + Dick Dangerous & The Love Bastards + Red Mongoose

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Musically theyve been described as a mix between

The Damned, The Stray Cats & AC/DC - they have

no complaints about this. Short Notice take influ-

ence from Rock, Punk, Metal, Rockabilly and various

types of 50's music. And theyre super smashing

great live, so bring your dancing feet and a quiff.


Time for some modern melodic metal from touring

act influenced by big riffs, wah solos, and mexicano

mustaches: big choruses and fake endings.

Resolute sounding and chocked to the gills with

massive, assertive guitar sounds - Kerrang

An EP that sounds massive. With a sound some-

where between Hundred Reasons and Pearl Jam

- Nerve Magazine


Formed in 2005, Dick Dangerous and the Love

Bastards bring you their incredible concoction of

good-time, old-style rock'n'roll, punk rock attitude!

The Love Bastards are ready to rock their hard-

drinking high-energy live show! Woo hoo!


Influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, The

Black Crowes, The Foo Fighters, the Rolling Stones,

The Clash, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple......

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A Thousand Suns came together in the winter of 2006, the three founding members Dan, Tom and Joe had previously played together in other bands in South Wales. Even with the creation of a new sound the band were still lacking something, this problem was soon overcome with the addition of Super G, who instantly clicked with the band. In the past year they have played all over South Wales, including venues such as TJ's and Barfly, sharing stages with everyone from Kill The Arcade through to Templeton Pek.

The band recently released their debut EP Produced by Romesh Dodangoda, who has worked with other South Wales heavyweights Kids In Glass Houses and The Blackout. It hasn't taken long for the band to gain media attention, receiving rave reviews from a variety of publications. In 2008 the band hit the road to take their incredible live performance to even more audiences.

A Thousand Suns Press:

'Resolute sounding and chocked to the gills with massive, assertive guitar sounds'-Kerrang

This is five tracks of rocking riff-tastic post-hardcore and well worth a listen.

Paul Savage - Punktastic

'There's nothing like a little over modulated microphone in a hard rocking tune, I love that, just right right right against distortion, Fantastic!'- Adam Curry (Daily Source Code)

'Really, really good.... expansive' - Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales)

'There's no denying the high quality of musicianship within A Thousand Suns. If you like your rock heavy, then they are definitely a band worth checking out'.- Jenny May Band Weblogs

'With a sound somewhere between Hundred Reasons and Pearl Jam, it's only a matter of time before the labels come knocking'- Nerve Magazine

A Thousand Suns can be found at A THOUSAND SUNS || DestroyCreate EP Out 5th Dec and MySpace.com - A Thousand Suns - Cardiff / Chepstow, UK - Rock / Pop / Rock - www.myspace.com/athousandsunsmusic

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