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eric euan + THE HOSTILES (ace ska band) + bloodnut + manson-inc

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Instantly infectious songs driven by a powerful rhythm

section. A dynamic three guitar attack and soaring

vocal harmonies give them a distinctive and lasting

epic quality.

Heroic proponents of intense melody, towering

rhythms and philharmonic riffage" - Baby Tiger

A flurry of jerky rhythms, searing guitars and anxious

harmonies, not a one-trick pony - Is this music?

Driving epic rock histrionics surge and jump like giant

horses chasing surfers. Pure splendour - 13th Note


Ska! Trumpets! Punk! Catchy choruses! Gang vocals!

A trombone! What the fuck ISNT there to love about

these Ayrshire musicians who formed in late 2001

with the goal not to conform to popular music. The

band is influenced by acts as diverse as Reel Big Fish,

Earth Wind and Fire and The Beastie Boys - and their

first love is performing live. So dance for them! Dance!


A relatively new stoner-rawk outfit featuring former

members of Risactonia and Radio Lucifer. Big riffs,

a southern tinge and hard rockin tunes.


A guitar driven band who can deliver both fast paced

rock songs and slow, eerie ballads. Think Pearl Jam.

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