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Dark Side of the moon album cover


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I know I'm reading far, far, far too much into this but I'm interested to know if anyone can explain this to me.






It appears that some pressings of the album (including my 1973 vinyl) only have 6 colours (they go blue to violet) but when they released the 20th anniversary cover they added in a thin strip of indigo. But when the 30th anniversary cover came out ( http://www.studio18.co.uk/shop/images/Thorgerson/dark_side_30th.jpg )they had reverted back to 6 colours. Does anyone know why they missed out indigo? I'm thinking of getting the album cover tattooed but it's always pissed me off that they miss out a colour. Tho if I added indigo back in myself, it just wouldn't be proper would it.

Pink Floyd : Dark Side Of The Moon

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