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Terminator 4: The Future Begins


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T3 was shite, how bad is this going to be ?

Anyone watching the TV series - the Sarah Connor chronicles ?

It's surprisingly not complete rubbish.

I'm pleasantly surprised by it. I missed it last Thursday but was pleased to find out it's repeated on a Monday night at 9pm.

Not entirely convinced by the prospect of T4,5 & 6. Should've let sleeping dogs lie.

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t3 sucked the film seemed really short and the dialog was shite

sarah connor chronicles aye its good and new but it will be on season 4 or something before you know it with the story line twisting off in many tangents to keep you watching

i aways get excited by sequels made years later, but i always end up disappointed with them the 2 AVP being an example

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.... it will be on season 4 or something before you know it..

Pretty sure it's already been cancelled. After the writers strike ended the network decided not to pick it up again, I thought they only made 9 eps. I thought it was pretty ropey anyway, the female "good" cyborg is pants and the whole dream sequence at the start made me boak.

[edit] Just checked: they've finished filming the season so I guess it might survive after all... you never know though, it is on Fox! It was definitely up for being dropped along with Journeyman and Bionic Woman after the strike but the ratings in the US have actually been pretty good.

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its going to be like the american pie movies

american pie - yay funny teen comedy of the time

american pie - yey funny more boobs

american pie: - the wedding - uh ok a trilogy

american pie:- uh ok how weird they got someone to replace the character of stifler i saw in a trailer

american pie: the naked mile - is that guy in any of the other films....no

american pie: beta house - what the fuck????

same happened with home alone, it lost all point after home alone lost in new york,

i know i will watch the new terminator films i hopefully be surprised

heres wishing

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