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sex with Sparkles ?


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On Sunday night my solo comedy show will include a death defying balancing act, a bit of escapology, ventriloquism, impersonations and tales of sex drugs and rock n roll with a groupie slut, I never caught her name, I wonder if it was Sparkles, and a few tales about working with celebrities, cheers Biz .

Northern Laughs

Live Comedy @ Cafe Drummond

Sunday 2nd March

Doors Open 8pm

Entry 5 (4 Students)

Kevin Bridges

Viv Gee

Duncan Guthrie

Biz The Drummer

Billy Kirkwood (mc)

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Ooh a gameshow too

The drumtsicks of doom will be making an appearance at my gig on Sunday .

If you have any shitty records, or CDs you are unsure whether you should bin, take them along to be voted into Record Heaven or Record Hell by the audience, if they get voted into Record Hell, The Bobby will smash them to bits with The Drumsticks of Doom, if not, they will be guided to Record Heaven by Anais the French chick, cheers Biz

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