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E.P Presents: Cash For Kids - CULT NIGHT!


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O k heres for something a little different.

SO! E.P have decided to do some good. We are going to hold a 'Cult Night' at the Office on March 15th and all profits made will go to charity. There will be a fancy dress competition (100 squid Prize) a Male Auction (Guys can bid too Smile) plus we will be asking local businesses to donate items to a rafel. Music wise we'll be playing loads of great Cult classics from Rocky Horror to Blues Brothers plus a host of up to date Pop, Rock and RnB. There will be no jar jigglers or people hastling you for money. E.P will host a truly great Saturday night,and while you have fun and party you will be helping a VERY worthy charity at the same time.

What can you do to help? Come have fun!!! Buy a Ticket, tell your friends, forward this email to everyone in your address book, dress up, tell your boss they should donate something, txt your mates, bug your other half until they promise to take you, spread the word!!!!

Want to help even more? Each Saturday from the 23rd E.P will be out ,dressed like crazy people, on the streets day and night jigglin those jars and harrassing the public for all the money they have! Want to come? Smile Call\txt 07805973787 or Email: jgoodhall@energy-promotions.co.uk

This promises to be a truly awesome Saturday night! any questions message our bebo at www.energy-promotions.co.uk

Date: March 15th

Ticket Price: 7.50 (5 squid if in Fancy Dress)

Tickets on sale at One Up (Feb 18th)


www.energy-promotions.co.uk (Now!!)

Hope to see you all there!



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We are ready.

Over the past month E.P have been working on Cult Night and now we are only days away. Still thinking of a reason why you should go to this gig instead of somewhere free or your regular Saturday night haunt? Ok tell you what, Ill give you 10 reasons.

1) ALL profits from this gig goes to Charity. So the more friends you drag along the more help you are giving to the cause.

2) Keep your ticket stubs and you could win the following.

2x Lisa Lashes Tickets (April 4th)

1 Years FREE admission to ALL E.P Gigs.

A Samsung SGH-E250 Mobile Phone

1 ft Lighter (Works!)

A Bottle Of Champagne

A Bottle Of Vodka

2 Bottles of Whiskey

3) Come in Fancy Dress and you could win 100 Pounds CASH on the night!

4) Come in Fancy Dress and you only have to pay 5 Pounds admission!

5) Dance the night away to the best Cult Music the world has to offer! AND all your fav Pop, Rock and RnB!!!!!

6) MALE Auction! Buy yourself a man for the night! (And maybe even after) ;)

7) Be one of the first to hear DJ Barbie LIVE this year!

8) Be the first to buy tickets for E.Ps next Gig LISA LASHES

9) Name the Cult Film the music is from and you get a free shot!

10) There will be no night in Aberdeen with the atmosphere and fun energy that E.Ps Cult Night will have. And I guarantee you there is no night where you can make such a difference and have fun at the same time.

11) If you dont enjoy your night DJ Barbie will give you a free shot before you leave!

Ooops I did 11! So there you have it. There can be no excuses! Tell your Boyfriend to buy you a ticket, youve got a week to find a babysitter, inform the female you would like to go to a charity event and I bet shell do whatever you want afterwards! ;) Bebo all your friends, txt your exs and email your work mates! Its going to be a gig to remember.

E.P Cash for Kids CULT NIGHT! Saturday March 15th 10.30pm 3am @ The Office.

Buy Tickets from:

E.P Street Tickets

Web Site Unavailable

One Up Records (Belmont Street)

On The Door

See you all there.



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