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Rambo 4


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Guns, explosions, death, guns, explosions, death, without ever worrying too much about having a storyline. If you want to leave your brain at the door and watch a good old fashioned action film with loads of people getting blown up or shot, this is for you. It's unbelievably gruesome at times, and quite incredibly violent. However if you like your movies a little more subtle and intelligent give it a wide berth. I enjoyed it but I knew what to expect from it, which was gratuitous bloodshed and little else.

The John Rambo character seems different from the earlier Rambo movies, perhaps he's just got older, wiser and more reflective but still it feels like it was just another action movie with a tortured, troubled hero, and they've stuck the name Rambo on it to sell more tickets. Still, worth checking out if you've got nothing better to do. Don't take a date though.

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