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Sabrepulse quits

The Kernel Loaf

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Taken from his MySpace bulletin:

Just to let everyone know' date=' i've updated my profile with some pretty important news.

An apology to fans who were expecting me to be at the Pixel Party in Kingston two nights ago. Unforseen circumstances have led to me taking the decision to cut short my plans for perfomance and production and exit the world of music. It's not an easy decision, but things change.

I've had an absolutely incredible time, played shows, met incredible people and travelled to places and countries i'd never had seen otherwise - and for someone just making music on a laptop and a handful of gameboys i've got more praise and attention than I ever expected or (in my opinion!) deserved.

I won't be playing the newport gig (29th feb) or the brighton shows (20th march) due to sudden commitments, however my final performance as Sabrepulse will be at the newcastle carling academy 2 on the 17th March 2008. Please check the 'upcoming gigs' section of my profile to be linked to the ticket office.

The last release will be an 8 track e.p entitled 'Turbo City' which will be available to download freely during march.

All of my music will continue to be available to download for free to the left of my profile for some time so please help yourself.

Thanks for all the support and friends i've made over the years through making music, and thanks very much for listening.



I thought I'd mention this seeing as Aberdeen is his hometown, yet noone ever really turned up to his gigs here.

Personally, I'm quite gutted. Seems like such a waste of a great talent.

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