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Playlist and recording from last night in Snafu

Guest Giles Walker

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Guest Giles Walker

I decided to record myself playing in Snafu last night to hear what i sound like, unfortunatley i iwas in a stinking mood which i think came out in the dark tunes i played.

Not the tightest set in the world but it's not bad either, check it out here.

Vincent Price and Michael Jackson intro (i actually stopped the music in the club to do this bit)

Digital Mystikz - Anti War Dub

Benga - Crunked Up

Skream - 2d

Mala - Left Leg Out

Marc Houle - Techno Vocal (Dub)

Pirate Soundsystem - Scream if you wanna go rasta

Underground Resistance - Footwars

Smith and Mighty - B-line fi blow

Bok Bok - World Changing Dub

Blaqstarr - Shake It To the Ground (Claude Von Stroke Mix)

Hannah Holland - Crackney

Crookers - Para De Graasinha

Congorock - Exodus

A Hundred Birds - Jaguar

Danielle Baldelli - Safari

Rhythim is Rhythim - Strings Of Life

Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction

Nuyorican Soul - Nervous Track

Efdemin - Lohn and Brot

Part 2

Efdemin - Lohn and Brot

Isolee - Do Re Mi

Green Velvet - Shake and Pop (instrumental)

Jerome Sydenham - Timbuktu

Jess and Crabbe - Council

Jesse Rose - Wake Up

SL2 - Djs Take Control

Bassnectar - Yo (Speakerpunk Brazilian Rave Remix)

Bassment Jaxx - Hey U (Switch and Sinden remix)

Dr Evil - Mary Jane (Solid Groove Remix)

Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango

Ludacris - Roll Out

Radioclit - Divine Gosa

Elite Force - Used and Abused (Zodiac Cartel Remix)

Bell X1 - Flame (Solid Groove Remix)

L-vis 1990 - Mr Wobble

Twocker - Stitch

Sawtooth Sucka - Crazy

Pase Rock - The Motherfucking Rave Is Over

Bassment Jaxx - Nifty

Rod Lee - Understand

Pitbull - Move Shake Drop

Benni Benassi - Satisfaction (Mowgli Bootleg)

Duke Dumont - Lean and Bounce

Mattew Jonson - Followed By Angels

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cool, I will listen to this in the car. I haven't heard that mogwai bootleg of benni benassi - satisfaction I hope it's as good as the original.

Have you read the homepage of that guy who's in the photo btw? The tips and tricks section is great.

Tips and Tricks index

Highlights include

1.4 Food and drink tips 'n' tricks

1.4.1 Bottled soda trick - Do you keep spilling your soda because the bubbles churned up? This trick will nearly, if not always prevent it from happening again.

1.4.2 Fat Removal trick - This trick will teach you how to eliminate your meat and pizza fat content by up to 98%.

1.4.3 Meat trick - This was removed as it is very unwise to do.

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Guest Giles Walker

Yeah i have seen Ullillillia's website, it is a masterpiece of Aspergers and OCD weirdness. I had to get my haircut because people started to thnk i looked like him. No offence to the guy, he seems quite sweet.

Kind of crowd we usually get is about 50 or so regular folk who come down (although not every week) and randoms. Somethimes we get over a hundred folk, other times thirty. Not that it matters as it is being replaced by this new fancy rock night run by the fudge guys.

I am probably gonna try to record the last few though, since i hardly ever get round to making mixtapes.

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Guest Giles Walker

Alternatively you could come and hear me spin this stuff on a Friday at Snafu as i am a rotating resident.

At least then you'd be sure you weren't dancing on your own, which on Mondays at the moment there is a 25% chance of.

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