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GUITAR AMP COMBO advice wanted


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Fenders are good amps and another couple of alternatives in that price range are Peavey Classic 30 and Laney LC 30.

I have an Engl Screamer 1x50 which is the best amp I've ever owned by a country mile and I couldn'r recommend it highly enough. However, they are about 600 new.

Bruce Millers had both (at least the used to) and R&B should stock the Fender

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thanks Diesel, i checked out reviews on the amps and it looks like the Laney LC 30 might be a good choice!

If any one happens to be selling one of these...


I have an LC30 (not for sale) I've had it for a few years now and its been a great amp, the only thing I would change is the speaker if I were gigging it, the HH driver fitted breaks up a bit when you really push it, but for home use and practice its spot on.

I have driven a 4x12 with it and its sounds really good.

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