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Funny wrestling promos


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Share em if you got em.

Gotta love His Rockness.

YouTube - WWE - No Way Out 2002 - The Rock meets the nWo

YouTube - Wwe Funny Moments - The Rock Hulk Hogan Kane (poor sound quality)

And Kurt Angle's had his share of funnies:

YouTube - Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar

Jericho is the man

(a Spinal Tap rip off, watch the pyros at 3.20)

Rock & Jericho make fun of each other

YouTube - Chris Jericho the man of 1004 holds (Nitro 3/30/98) (most of them are made up and every second one is Armbar)


Christian was pure comedy:

Christian raps

Captain Charisma!

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Go to YouTube and search for "Ultimate Warrior".

Anything that comes out of his mouth (in and out of character) is hilarious. Sometimes in a very, very depressing way though.

Sid Justice/Vicious promos always made me laugh too but I'm sure they're not supposed to. Oh and "Stone Cold" Shark Boy promos are great. I would post links but I'm at work so do the searching yourself.

Chris Jericho's "1004 holds" promo and him getting lost on the way to the ring are comic gold. As are Scott Steiners nonsensical ramblings. Stay off 'roids kids!

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