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RIP MP3 Player - I need a new one

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So, my mp3 player after about 5 years of use and an unexpected trip into the washing machine, has finally decided to die. This is really bad news as now I have to listen to peoples' conversations on the bus on the way to work, which isn't good in combination with the man who reeks of Vosene shampoo.

I am in the market for around a 40gb mp3 player, what do you recommend?

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i have a toshiba gigabeat and have had absolutely no problems so far. apart from when i dropped it and the bottom fell off. but that's because i'm clumsy and this was about the 5th time i've dropped it. so...um...they're sturdy! i think they come in 40gb

i bought my 10gb one years ago though and it was only about 115

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