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For Sale: Crybaby Fuzz-Wah

Old Gold

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As of tomorrow, I take possession of a new fuzz pedal so I'm selling this:


Essentially, it's the Dunlop Hendrix Fuzz integrated into a slightly modified Crybaby... both can be used separately or together (a nice feature is a button which allows you to choose which effect comes first in the 'chain', so you can get a fuzzed wah sound, or a wah-ed fuzz). There's a dial on the side to dial in the required amount of fuzz (slight distortion to angry giant wasp), and the volume is safely tucked away on the bottom of the pedal to avoid accidentally ruining the levels.

All the rubber 'feet' are intact, and it works perfectly. It's a little dusty and might need some lubricant applied to the wah mechanism (Vaseline or WD-40 etc.), but except for that it's ready to roll.

80 quid (RRP is about 130)? Picked up from Little Belmont Street.

Bassists might also want to consider!

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