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[GIG] Das Wanderlust + Copy Haho + Toy @ The Tunnels


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Guest idol_wild

Good gig. It deserved a bigger crowd.

everythingwesayisfact were good. A band I'll be making effort to see whenever they play.

Toy had some enjoyable moments. The fuck ups aside, they played very solidly and tightly. The first couple of songs were especially good. Clearly a very capable band.

Copy Haho were immense. They don't write bad songs. Easily the best pop band in Aberdeen. They'll be famous soon.

Sadly, I missed Das Wanderlust to shoot off to see Errors. But as it turned out, Errors didn't take the stage until almost 1am!

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Agreed, we (toy) really played a poor set, not just poor but god damned awful (offal may be a better word to use).

"Everythingwesayisfact", were the highlight of the night for me.

Copy-Haho were incredibly tight but just not my cup of joe really.

Das Wanderlust, well...um...they had their moments i guess. Sounded - to me - like they were trying far too hard to sound circusy and crazy. I'm all for crazy music, in fact a much of my cd collection is coloured with weird and wonderful artists but you know...you can either pull it off convincingly or just, well...not.

What was the deal with the time changes?

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