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noob, listen to my music?


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So like the title indicates, I'm a noob here, i hope that's okay but i dont know if this is the wrong place to post this sorta thing. I normally use Ultimate-Guitar but my dad's big on this so i thought i'd give it a shot, eh? why not? right?

Anyway, I'm a teenager with a guitar and I'm looking for advice and some support. I usually stick to punk rock and ska types of music but lately I've been spending most of my time with a different lady, my acoustic guitar. So i was hoping that You, the people of Aberdeen could critique the songs i've written, the lyrics, the guitar parts, the way I attempt to sing them, all that good stuff. I've been recording them with my Mac and GarageBand so the quality of the recordings isn't great and a lot of people have said before the guitar part dominates the voice since i've been using one track rather than two. These problems should all be solved soon, but in the mean time could you all please and thank you check me and my bad self out at MySpace.com - Zakk - Aberdeen, UK - Acoustic - www.myspace.com/fleischmannacoustic and tell me what you think.

also if this is the wrong place to post this, then please tell me and i can try and figure out how to move it to the right place

thanks a million

Peace and Love


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The songs themselves are nae bad but you do need to look at recording them again. "Better Off" is probably my favourite of the lot, (Except Blackbird but that goes without saying really). It's catchy, though it gets repetitive. Kinda reminds me of jimmy Eat World for some reason. "Waste" sounds like it would be better done with a full band is it's a bit fast for acoustic (also one of your strings is out of tune!). Things Cupid Doesn't Tell You has some nice chord changes but also sounds like it would be better done with a band, and the riff repeats itself a lot. I won't comment much on the sound / production as I know you're looking for critique on the songs, not the production, but it's not just that the vocal is turned down too low, you're almost mumbling the lyrics and it's hard to make them out. I'd say record them again but open the pipes up a bit and go for it. You have a couple of potentially decent songs, but I think you'd be "better off" (see what I did there) getting a band together to play them rather than doing them acoustic. Just my opinion like, for what little it's worth. :love:

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