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Joe Lally (Fugazi Bassist) New 'Solo' Album


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Just noticed that Nothing Is Under-Rated was released Sate-side November, 2007.

I'm getting my grubby little mitts on it this evening, Has any-one else bought this yet and is it as good as his debut 'There To Here'?

The details:

Joe Lally vocals & bass

This Album Also Features:

Ben Azzara drums

Andy Gale drums

Eddie Janney guitar

Sam Krulewitch keyboards

Ricardo Lagomasino drums

Ian MacKaye guitar

Devin Ocampo drums

Guy Picciotto guitar

13 songs

Recorded:Summer 2007

Released:November 19, 2007

  1. Day Is Born
  2. Scavenger's Garden
  3. Map of The World
  4. Tonight at 10
  5. Via Nomentana
  6. Motora
  7. Skin and Bone
  8. Pieces of String
  9. Door Closing
  10. Space Program
  11. Mistaken Identity
  12. Painfully Aware
  13. Strascinata

Recorded at Dischord House and Inner Ear Studios

Produced by Ian MacKaye & Guy Picciotto

Mastered by Silver Sonya

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