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How to have a number 1 hit the easy way


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KLF - The Manual - How To Have A Number One The Easy Way - Popular Science and Technology Blog by Jos Kirps - Computers, Software, Agile Development, Marketing, Physics, Science

I just reread this today, it's always worth a repost, not just for the straight advice but the attitude aswell. And of course for nostalgia value when they talk about bruno brookes chart rundown and "now that's what I call music" compilations.

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One of the best books ever, although they point out that it is only the way to get a number 1 in the late 80's. Bill Drummond's own page is also great Penkiln Burn.

Did anyone read Drummond and Mark Manning's (Zodiac Mindwarp) classic 'travelogue' 'Bad Wisdom' fucked up yet amazing. Also buy '45' by Drummond if you see it, witty yet humane.

I love the KLF/JAMMs, we need them more than ever.

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Guest bluesxman
Also buy '45' by Drummond if you see it, witty yet humane.

Got that in HMV for 3 quid last week. Nae read it yet tho.

Mind when the KLF did a song at the Brits with Napalm Death and Drummond machine gunned the crowd then they left a dead sheep outside? Superb.

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