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New Songs

Steven Milne

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hey guys

i have a ten / 11 track demo cd of songs which ive recorded over the last 6 months or so.

70% of them are full demos - electronic drums / piano / korg / accoustic / electric and vocals / some percussion

30% are accoustic

anyway, all in all im quite chuffed with them.

Im supporting LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION tomorrow , playing some of the new stuff too so come down , im maybe going to burn some cds of the new demos for free (not the band doing the songs , its me in my room im afraid ) so if anyone wants one say hello

Im not putting them on myspace as we as a band are working on some of them now and some arent for the band, just kinda solo stuff.

Anyway, if anyone is prepared to give me constructive feedback and a listen or just wants a copy im going to do a small run and you can PM me too for one.

Pretty chuffed with the songs and I think the band will do a better job of them too so if anyone was thinking of coming to Moshulu on the 29th it may make for an interesting listen coz you could have a chance to hear how weve changed em etc.

I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised by our new stuff as it sounds like nothing weve done before. But then I am biased so ...





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