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ANOTHER Ablach tune uploaded

Bonesaw Bazz

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I like the new one a lot, i wasn't really fussed with the first one to be honest.

I think the vocals would be lost completely if they were lowered much further into the mix as well. The guitars are well leveled though and have a nice tone to them. The bass is a bit low in the mix for me, but it still works and is audible.


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Cheers for the good words guys !

The music is dramatically improving as time goes on , the demo should be on sale as soon as we artwork finalised.

Check the myspace for our up and coming gigs and confirmed releases ( Blastworks vol.3 , Split with Heamophagus ) it's all going good in the hood as some wiggas woukd say.

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that sounds pretty good right enough, i've an idea for you, i was listening to the Twighlight sad album at the same time i hit your myspace, so it all played at the same time untill i sorted it out.

It sounded pretty good.

right see, is this band gaelic or sommat?

haha i'll mention that to the guys who fancy remixing us dude! haha

We ain't Gaelic as such but we are using the Gaelic theme a fair bit just now... with the band & song titles anyway.

Ablach - a mangled carcass

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