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Frank Turner , Returns To The Tunnels

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Preachy and boring.

I don't find his songs preachy. I thought his first album was really great, the lyrics were especially good. From what I've heard from his new album though I dont think that is the case anymore. Sadly.

I found he was preachy onstage the last time I saw him, although he was fairly drunk which I think wasn't helping.

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And I thought he'd be a nice guy, but he wasn't too friendly when I met him.

Ah, the perils of meeting your heroes. Did he cock punch you?

His new album's not grown on me. There's a couple of good songs, but a lot of generic stuff. I'm also not impressed by the boring supports... luckily I had the decision to go or not made for me by someone needing a shift covered so they could attend.

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