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Flatmate hunting - advice

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This thread has just made me shite myself a little bit as I am moving in with a mutal friend and a complete random in the next couple of months.

Tactically, I thought I should choose not to live with my best friends as I know we'd probably kill each other - too much of a good thing and all that.

I'd rather fight with folk I don't give a fuck about, despite the fact they own the house...

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I've had two flatmates off Gumtree. The first was a Nigerian prostitute who was a total moron, smoked all my fags and spoke ignorant shite exclusively. Had parties till about 5am 3-4 nights a week with banging music, and absolutely no regard for me who was sleeping upstairs. Had possibly the worst attitude of any person I've ever met, and I caught her wanking off an old man once when I came home from work early.

This sounds like the plot to the greatest sitcom of all time.

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