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DHC Presents - Hijak Oscar LIVE @ SNAFU

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details to follow



HIJAK OSCAR - press release

If you've been watching the sad procession of bands on Channel 4's Sunday afternoon Mobile Unsigned with Alex Zane you'll have seen one act stand out; and the camera panning across Jo Whiley, Alex James and company all mouthing "Wow". That would be Hijak Oscar, then. Named after the band on a doomed riverboat and mashing Tom Waits with Floyd, and Son House with The Who, this six-piece is completely original; utterly compelling and when they're flipping huge in 2008 you can say you were on 'em first here.

York's 7-piece answer to Brian Wilson's imagination gently developing in the hands and harmonica of Tim Fox. A sound of sex, soul and searing imagination with an arsenal of instruments including sax, mandolin, banjo, slide, piano and, of course, guitars electric and acoustic Tim's 'born in the wrong era' blues vocals and Emma's collar-grabbing voice top off a delicate, harmonious and impassioned performance all dressed up Tarantino-stylee. Is there something special happening here? We think so ...

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Really starting to look forward to this one. First practice in about a month so tomorrow so should be good fun.

Here is a couple of Hijak vids you might be interested in watching.

For anyone looking for a 45 A-Side compilation tape which features ourselves and Hijak Oscar, i'll take some up with me to the gig and also put some in One Up.

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