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Stream New Hot Chip MADE IN THE DARK at www.clashmusic.com


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Be the first to hear the NEW Hot Chip album with CLASHMUSIC.COM!

You can stream 'Made In The Dark' in full, one whole week before your friends and the rest of the planet (except fellow Clash readers of course...). Visit www.Clashmusic.com/Hot-Chip from Monday 28th January and discover for yourself our cover star's glittery jittery new long-player.

"2008 is about to find its wheezing frame electrocuted into life by a record that already ranks as a contender for album of the year. Not so much pushing the envelope as burning it on a midnight pyre then inventing email, 'Made In The Dark' sees Hot Chip redefine pop through a series of songs which effortlessly flit between heartbreaking solipsism, electro dizziness and cinderblock dance - often within the same track."

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It's been quite amusing throwing in "Ready For The Floor" at random intervals in my DJ sets over the last few weeks. It's going to be a huge song in a month or so, but all I get right now is a bunch of confused glances and half-a-dozen dancers who either know what it is or don't care but like the song anyway.

The new album should be a corker if "Shake A Fist" is anything to go by.

where do you dj?

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BTW isn't this thread just blatantly advertising/spamming/street teaming or something.

Given that the posting was offering a chance to hear exclusive content I'd have thought it was fairly legit to post it here. Perhaps Dave or another mod can tell us what constitutes SPAM for aberdeen-music (no jokes about processed ham please)?

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