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Photo of the Palace / Mudd Club


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Hey star,

I was and still am tall at 6ft (my younger brother ben even taller at 6ft 5inches) but not so much of the dark hair any more. I'm confused because the list of people i used to sit with were:

wee Anna, Hamish, Ben, Susanna, rick, bacon, viv, katie, nathan, sam, sid, mike, ed, brendan, grim, the guy that went out with anna wore a kilt most of the time but i can't remember his name, oh and i do remember a big guy from texas.

I always wore a green baseball cap and a black hoody with the obligatory brown baggy pants.

I used to be one of the first on the floor dancin with "tiger hair" greig and could always be found in the middle of the crowd during sabbotage or killing in the name.

The corner i am talking of is the one if you turn right as you went through the doors heading for the bar, just to the right of the stairs leading to the bar was the sofa in question.

I did get dragged in to the place when it had be renovated in to liquid, i nearly cried. I can't believe such a life changing venue could be closed down.

i loved that place.

I know Bacon and Grim - Bacon I dated for a while, Grim was one of the victims of my 21st birthday puke!

And no doubt I was one of the small determined females you had to constantly swat during Sabotage...though I was more likely to be up during Stiff Little Fingers or the Breeders...

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wee Anna, Hamish, Ben, Susanna, rick, bacon, viv, katie, nathan, sam, sid, mike, ed, brendan, grim, the guy that went out with anna wore a kilt most of the time but i can't remember his name, oh and i do remember a big guy from texas.

The guy in the kilt was indeed Gary the gardener, he's still a gardener and was round my house Sunday night dropping some tools he borrowed back to me! I'm still friends with his ex Anna (who I went out with for a while a few months after they split up!), and actually played pool in Rileys with her and "Wee Anna" back in November. Wee Anna is still a formidable gal and not to be messed with unless you want your balls kicked into your lungs!! Grim is still pretty much the same as he's always been, still see him from time to time and people still seem to think we're related. I guess we did both had similar styled beards for a good while years back (he still has it, I don't!) and are both big strapping loons. Helen with the green obsession is still on the go too, I know her well and fixed up her bloody Mini (old style one) and MOT'd it last april... Paul Fettes and his other half Helen (different Helen!) I know very well, Paul is still punx as fook and both of them took off to the other side of the world a few months back and are currently lounging around Australia having already done Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. They will be back in a few more months. Penfold is also a very good friend, I always get a kick out of how youthful he looks in photos that Dawn has from their youf... He is still punx as fook too but wife, kids and job keep him busy so I only see him when there is a good DIY or punk gig on and he is not working. Dawn can be found most friday nights in the Moorings of late, haha! She still defies age with amazing ability, I think she made a pact with the devil and will live forever while harvesting the souls of men in return.

My memories of the palace are fucking awesome, I used to drink between 10 and 14 pints of the crap they dared to call McEwans lager (pound a pint, remember that!! Johnny Mac will...), and top it off with several house whiskey and cokes which was basically like drinking meths. Me and my flatmate would jump the queue for the cloakroom, be obnoxious to everyone, stagger to the kebab place around the corner, then stagger all the way back to our scummy shithole flat in holland street, stopping to buy porn and a dodgy meat pie from the 24 hour Stephens Porno Palace on the corner. Ah the joys!!

I also never got ID'd, not even once, and I was only past 17 when I first went there with my older sister and a bunch of her crowd from Uni. I remember vaguely one time when Stan and Eddie were actually ID-ing everyone coming to the door, so I drunkenly start fumbling for my wallet and Eddie goes "You're alright mate, you ugly cunt!". Haha! I wasn't sure if I should be proud that I looked old enough or be offended! Me and my flatmate used to start our night off in the Wild Boar about 9pm where the One-Up dudes would be DJing Mudd Club esque stuff and hip hop. That was when the Wild Boar was also a slightly scummy student bar and actually had a nice vibe, shame they "improved" it.

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Alright folks

Jesus this thread brings back some memories - I worked the door there for six years and loved every minute of it.

I think most folk are right when they say no where else since comes close to the atmosphere in that place on a monday night (900 folk in) or a thurs - fridays were really good

I laughed out loud when I read about debbie dressed as the crunchie and the mentions of Anne , Stan and Eddie

Awesome times and sorely missed

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