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[GIG] Le Reno Amps + Lorenzo Snow Collective @ Snafu

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hey guys

this week

dhc = special


(from new noise.net)

You're driving across America, East to West, through the middle. In a beat up convertable, battered leather seats, the roof is down and the sun is shining. You only left home to get a burger but why not go all the way? There's nothing to do for the next couple of days so kick back sneak a sip of cool beer and light a cigarette. Sitting next to you is possibly Johnny Depp and in the back seat is a girl from the drug store you got the smokes from who came along just for shits and giggles...possibly.

Put some music on man, says Johnny.

What've you got?

I dunno?... how's this?

Who is it?

Some band called Le Reno Amps... I think it's french for The Reno Amps.


They're alt-country allegedly. Is that the Kansas equivalent of emo? The songs are designed for sunny days, sitting around and kicking back. Sweeping and retro. Images of dusty suburbia and post boxes half fallen down insinuate to mind, kids jumping through sprinklers and ice cold lemonade.

Scott Maples voice delivers all this in spades, and it's backed up by a full compliment. Blimey it's filmic and ever so bloody evocative. There's a bit that sounds like Babe Ruth's 'The Mexican'.

The first single from this album 'Wound Up' hits you exactly like you've just arrived in L.A gone out with Johnny and the girl and montaged your way through what looks like one of the best nights ever. Cocktails you've never heard of, strange attractive strangers hooking up with you and the guys and all of you are just really happy and awesome.

Fade to black as your head hits the pillow.

Only to wake up the next day and find out that Le Reno-bloodly-Amps are from Glasgow. Scotland. Your head is pounding the weather's miserable and they're always from fucking Scotland.


We are three men from the cold and grey city of Aberdeen who write cinematic country tinged slices of music mainly about pain, loneliness and despair. But its not all fun and games - we also have a dark side.

If all our failed dreams were personified we would be the leaders of a formibable army.

We have made an ep called Beware the Swords. You can buy it at our gigs - each copy is individually hand-made and unique. Its pretty good.

plus DHC DJs till 2am

all for 3



- see the upcoming guests - blimey!

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Guest idol_wild

This was a fantastic show. Lorenzo Snow Collective are probably my favourite Aberdeen band. It's a shame nobody bothers to turn up to see the bands that really matter in this city.

Le Reno Amps were in fine form. They are probably one of the tightest bands I've ever seen (I mean in terms of music playing ability!), and their songs are ruddy good fun. They also look like they're having a great time every show they do. They exude joy.

For all you who never bothered; your loss.

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