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Snafu Are Scottish Nightclub Of The Year!


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We at Snafu are extremely excited to announce that on Thursday 25th October 07 - Snafu were crowned (SLTN) Scottish Nightclub of the Year, in Glasgow's Hilton Hotel!

The competition was stiff, but hey we did it - the finalists for this presitgious category were: The Arches (Glasgow), Boho (Glasgow) and Snafu (Aberdeen)...

We must be doing something right, right??!

:princess: :princess: :princess: :princess: :princess: :princess: :princess: :princess: :

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Guest idol_wild
It would just get battered to hell, like all the other house kits. Bringing one is the way forward.

Ah yes, but if a band doesn't have a driver then it's a lot of hassle!

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well done snafu! certainly one of the best places in aberdeen for a drink and they truly cater for everyone without coming across as falseor like they're cashing in. plus they sell staropramen and always have plenty of bar staff on so you don't have to wait too long even when it's heaving. :)

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Sounds about as relevant as David Beckham's crowning as 'Britains most powerful man under 40'. Boho is a non-event, and we may aswell admit the Arches a different league altogether. Snafu is way over-priced for what you get, which is a twenty minute wait at the bar and a battering of Daft Punk and New Order.

your welcome to your opinion obviously but....

the only thing you said which made any sense was that you get battered with daft punk and new order - thats my fault - and i apologize for that, guilty as charged

of course it is relevant!

its an award for the people in the profession of running nightclubs and means an awful lot to those people who work hard to make a club run efficently / busily and well.

snafu is independently run with the two owners own money - not a corporate investment or chain of soulless identi bars! They dont rely on cheap gimmicks / drinks or promos to get the masses in , you dont go to snafu to get a 4 pint pitcher and packet of crisps - its not and never will be that kind of bar!

In fact they dont want EVERYONE in . they just want people who are into the place and its music to come, hence why it has its own identity - through its music policy/ magazine, decor and range of drinks.

and the drinks arent that bad price wise - its the same in tunnels or drummonds for a pint or maybe 20p difference max

and lest we not forget its a NICE place to go for a beer!

how many nightclubs/ venues in aberdeen are actually NICE CLEAN places to go!

i can name about three or four (tunnels, musa, snafu and lemon tree)!

in edinburgh and glasgow there are places of a similar level to snafu who charge 3 plus a pint and 6 entry every night so i think we get it ok up here!

and if arches is SUPPOSEDLY in a different league altogether how come theyre nominated in the same category? (and clearly these people know what theyre talking about)

yes , arches is a big well known venue (world famous even in dance circles) but both clubs often have the same guests when they tour (erol alkan / evil nine etc) and i know for a fact big name DJS have specifically asked to come back every time because they enjoyed the snafu vibe so much and are looked after so well.

( why do you think erol alkan (mixmag DJ of the year/ festival headliner blah blah massive dj blah blah is coming back to play snafu- a capacity of 300 - when he could play somewhere double that? its because he and DJs od a similar level love the place)

im sorry to rant like this but claire, amanda, mo , jaco , danielle, gomes, ian and all the bar / PR staff at snafu have worked fucking hard for the club to get to where it is and i also personally really care about the place. They gave us a chance to run the Dirty Hearts Club there when we had 0 clout and even when we had some rough times in the middle they stuck with us to help us build it up and keep it going.

Im proud to be involved and work with the club and sorry but people needlessy raining on their parade pisses me off.

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Guest idol_wild

I don't think Snafu is over-priced drinks-wise at all. A pint of Tennents is 2.20. Pretty reasonable in my book. Or maybe it's 2.40...either way; still relatively inexpensive.

It's miles and miles better than Po Na Na ever was!

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