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Wanting to educate myself in Ska/Dub


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The two are quite different; Prince Buster and the Skatelites are essential starters for ska, with maybe a bit of 2 tone, but its not my particular speciality.

The thing about dub is that it is derived from roots reggae, so you'll need some of that as well, with 'Heart of the Congos' by the Congos (reissue on Blood and Fire) being the apotheosis of dubby roots, produced by Lee Perry.

So then I recommend, inna dub stylee..ee..e.

'Original Rockers' Augustus Pablo

'King Tubbys meets Rockers Uptown/Inna Firehouse' Augustus Pablo/King Tubby

'Blackboard Jungle Dub' King Tubby and Lee Perry (reissued with 2 bonus Perry dub sides,'Cloak and Dagger Dub' and Revelutionary Dub' (sic)

Blood and Fire's 'Dubwise and Otherwise' series

'Super Ape'/'Roast Fish, Corn Bread and Collie Weed' The Upsetters/Lee Perry

However no house should be without 'Blackheart Man' by Bunny Wailer, and 'Legalise It' and 'Equal Rights' by Peter Tosh

Start Jamaican and take it from there, there are hundreds of great tunes from the Golden Age of Reggae; Dr Alimantado, Dillinger, Burning Spear (get 'Marcus Garvey' which now comes with the dub version, 'Garvey's Ghost') and loads of less well known stuff, and one off tracks, enough to last anyone a lifetime of searchin'

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