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[CLUB] KETchup @ Kef


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KETCHUP- Gawd-dammit!!

And there unto him he said behold the KETCHUP. Embrace it, and forsaking all other KETCHUPs be true to this one true KETCHUP, and when thou doth embrace the KETCHUP the most amazing gifts of sound and imagery shall be bestowed upon ye.

And when he (whoever he was) had finished telling this tale, there was a stark silence, before a small shrill voice from beyond the darkness was heard to utter, "this red sauce stuff's pretty tasty innit?"

Warp your mind and step inside the world of KETCHUP


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Had a very good night tonbtiught.

im a bit wasted but it was good!

Nice one Ian - thanks for coming down - glad you enjoyed it. I had an absolute blast as well - especially that final hour :up:

I hope you make a full recovery ;-) and that we'll see you next month for more Ketchup Kapers

Thanks to everyone else who came down too - it just wouldn't be the same without ya...


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